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The Global Chamber membership boasts  experts in Chinese culture and business. It is for that reason that we have created a Global Chamber ChinaDesk as a platform for small and medium-sized businesses. So you can connect with professionals who can assist you in this culturally and linguistically challenging business environment. Having lived and worked in China, the Global Chamber experts are fully immersed in the Chinese culture, they speak the language and can help you get things done in China.  


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Cultural considerations for doing business in China, by Todd Cornell.

- Relationships are more valuable than gold in Chinese business, as expressed by a Chinese saying: 惜墨如金.

- If price agreements are reached easily it may be a sign that there is room for calculated negotiations to a lower price.

- Negotiate lower SKU prices for a similar quality.

- Quality upgrades may be easier accomplished by negotiating a new SKU.

- Contracts: Chinese language vs. English language. Chinese is always the binding language.

- China boasts 5000 years of history, therefore, things may seem to take longer.

- Trust: Don’t be an open book. For westerners, be conservative and just say what is necessary.

- Get support from people of your cultural background who have strong cultural-linguistic skills


Details on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) organized by China, by Abdelhak Benkerroum.

- A geopolitical strategy proposed in 2013 by President Xi Jinping to create a network of railways, roads, pipelines, and utility grids.

- Goals: Promote economic co-operation, enhance the free-flow of economic factors and create a regional economic co-operation framework.

- Two main components: 
                       ♦Silk Road Economic Belt: 3 routes connecting China to Europe, the Arab Gulf, the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean 
                       ♦21st Century Maritime Silk Road: Connecting regional waterways

- Includes 70 countries covering two-thirds of the world's population

- Chinese investments that are approaching $4 trillion

- Developing hard infrastructure (new roads and railways), soft infrastructure (trade and transportation), and cultural ties (scholarships and p2p exchanges)

- Creation of world’s largest platform for economic cooperation, policy coordination, trade and financing collaboration, and social and cultural cooperation.


Meet our ChinaDesk Leaders:


Todd Cornell


Todd (康鸿熹) is a China Expert and China Business Culture Consultant who lived and worked in East Asia for over 20 years. He possesses an above average cross-cultural skillset and is certified fluent in Mandarin Chinese. He has negotiated and managed multi-million-dollar technology transfer projects, joint ventures, and manufacturing businesses in Taiwan and Mainland China. Some of the companies he has assisted include Baskin-Robbins, Hilton International, SAS Radisson, and Corning Inc. Connect with Todd for more information.



Abdelhak Benkerroum

Eastheimer Consulting

Abdel (阿道) is a practical, inquisitive, straightforward professional. He lived and worked in Casablanca, Dubai, Marseille, Houston, Paris, Ankara, and now lives and works in China. He  helps companies grow their business, grow their people, and beat the competition. work with Chinese companies doing business with overseas counterparts, and foreign companies looking into doing business in/with ChinaCustomers include Alibaba, Shanghai Automobile, Chambers of commerce, Governments. and more. Abdel is the author of "We Have a Deal - 老外这样做销售“, published by China Customs Publishing House in English and Chinese. Connect with Abdelhak for more information.


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